Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Mike and I loaded up the Dakota and headed to the farm yesterday (Tuesday, Aug.26) intending to stay a few days, but the smoke from regional wildfires was so dense that we immediately realized we should return to town. We agreed that calling a neighbor for a smoke report could have saved us some effort, but on the other hand, we had to see it for ourselves.
Westerly from the grove over N. field

From grove toward Plank's
Meanwhile, since we were there, we watered, and the opportunity to do that was worth the trip to me. The pond is low but Mike ascertained that the cistern still holds plenty of water. The little apple tree, bare root stock planted in May, is stressed. I'm not sure it will make it. The sweet cherry tree is still doing well. The pear tree is old and struggling, but I picked a few pears which are now cooling in the fridge.

A few small tomatoes were ripe for picking. They’re quite small and the skins are tough but they taste good. The summer squash had no ready fruit but are blooming and setting on. Surprisingly, the ever-bearing strawberries are flourishing. I picked a cup of ripe berries and there will be more. We had strawberry shortcake for supper last night. (I know this is all sorta boring, but you just can't imagine how pleased I am that the garden survived my 2 1/2 week absence during the heat.)
Toward Little Canyon

Mike wanted to practice with his Remington 12-gauge pump, so I pulled clay pigeons for him from the second story of the barn out over June’s field. Then we jumped back in the pick-up and drove home through dense smoke on Russell Ridge.
Back in town, the smoke has cleared in Critchfield gulch, though haziness lingers. KW

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