Wednesday, August 12, 2015


We arrived ten minutes before opening
Mike and Yancey left on their respective motorcycles to geocache on Sunday, August 2. They returned Wednesday evening and were in town on Thursday. That evening we went to dinner at White Fence Farm to celebrate Kelly’s birthday and then had cake and ice cream with her family. Mike and Yancey cached again Friday through Saturday evening, and early Sunday morning (prior to our loading up and leaving for home), I went with Mike in the Dakota to retrieve the final cache.
Behave yourself!

Kelly took time from work on Wednesday (August 5) in order to take Emmy and me to Tiny Town, which is celebrating its centennial year. You can see more about the history and mission of Tiny Town here. The buildings in this little “town” are built to one-sixth scale. If you like the diminutive world, as I do, it’s an experience that sparks the imagination. And if your child is small enough, as ours is, he/she can enter some of the little houses and look out the windows. As far as Emmy's experience was concerned, I couldn’t help but think that we had come in the nick of time.
An impressive building

Some buildings cannot be entered, but displays have been set up using dolls (mostly Barbie and Ken) as actors within the theme of the building. Imagine Ken working as a chiropractor and giving Barbie a treatment! I could tell by the expression on his face that he thought he had died and gone to heaven.

"Cat in the Hat" house in foreground
Cost to enter Tiny Town is $5 per adult, $3 per child, and $2 each to ride the train, which we did. Tiny Town is a non-profit organization and all the work is done by volunteers. Notice in this photo a volunteer is painting one of the buildings.

Where's Emmy?
Since Kelly was working, I had a lot of quiet time to pursue my sewing. At his request, I made shorts of some pajama bottoms for Yancey, and then I used the scraps to make a nightgown for Rosabell the Build-a-Bear, modeled here by Annabell, and also stitched up a pair of overalls for her. (Every teddy bear should have a pair of overcalls.) I’m happy to report that I finished the Teddy Bear afghan and gifted it to Emmy and Rosabell. (Notice – it’s a finish!) Lastly, I shortened slacks for Kelly.
Also numbered among my accomplishments: I diagnosed the problem with their washing machine – tears in the door gasket. (They knew they had a leak but couldn’t find it.) KW


Hallie said...

Tiny town: an interesting little place!

Pajamas: so now Yancey has some summer pajama shorts with snow men on them?

Kathy said...

Yes, I thought that was funny, too. He seemed pleased with them.