Monday, August 22, 2016


Exciting things are happening at the little Tudor in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, and we have a pictorial progress report. Daughter Hallie and Nick are building the small deck (or landing) and steps themselves. This is back door access from the back yard.

Early before: 

The above photo shows how the back of the house appeared when Hallie and Nick moved in. They subsequently replaced the deck and slider with a window and brick. You can see that the deck and steps were poorly planned and out of character with the house.

Hallie says, "Too bad to lose that cherry tree but is was overgrown and on the property line. I don't miss the camellia. We planted a little maple that will grow to shade the house on that side" (no photo).

Since removing the steps, they have had other priorities within the house, so watch that first step if you open the back door.

Black elderberry to left of deck
Hallie says that she and Nick designed the deck and steps together. She sketched out about 10 different ideas "like little cartoon drawings" and then they discussed options. Nick did the actual architectural research, the blueprint designs, and the math.

Elderberry bush barely visible on left side of photo

Hallie writes: "Here are the in-progress photos. You can also see our little black lace elderberry bush. It's supposed to be a fast grower. The steps will come out into the yard off of the right hand portion that is set back a bit. We designed it this way so that it has a little more of a landing since we'll likely get a screen door that swings outward. There would also be room for a little bench or more likely some pots and plants. So exciting!" KW


Chris said...

Looking so wonderful! It always amazes me how people can ruin a house with inappropriate remodels and think it's an "improvement". Your work on the little Tudor is so perfect! Three cheers for Hallie and Nick!!

Mike said...

Looks like a real professional job.