Thursday, October 6, 2016


I remember a conversation between my mother and Aunt Ethel when I was a girl. Aunt Ethel, an avid knitter, said that she had made an afghan using black yarn and would NEVER do it again. She said it was so hard to work with black, and my mother agreed.

“How silly are they?” I thought to myself. But of course, one never countered one’s elders. Later, Mother said that it was indeed difficult to work with black.

Well, the other day I learned just how hard it is. I fell in love with a Halloween throw in rows of black, yellow, white, and orange, starting with black. Ripple afghans (also called chevron or zigzag) are supposedly easy to make, but do you think I could get it started correctly?! I spent last Saturday starting – and then restarting and restarting. It took me hours to get the foundation row right, and then mistakes cropped up as I worked along, but did I give up? No, I persevered and now I’m on my first color change.

While Mike was away recently, I finished the Christmas granny throw I started in July. Yay! The pattern is “Family Favorite Blanket” from Annie’s A Granny Square Christmas (2016). It’s nice that it’s not on the “unfinished” list, which is probably where the Halloween throw is headed.

I don’t suppose I need a whole lot of throws in my cupboard, but I like to make them, especially the simple repeats. I can do those while “watching” tv in the evenings. It’s fun to make other things, too – and I do some of that – but not at night. (I’m not sure I make rows of black ripples at night either.) KW


Hallie said...

You worked with black when you did the granny square afghan. Maybe that was easier since the black was the outer edge of each square. I don't recall doing anything in black, but I can imagine that it's hard to see and count. Still, it sounds like a fun one!

Kathy said...

Yes, the third round of each granny square in the Challis coverlet is black. It wasn't difficult because of working in the "chain" spaces. Single crochet in the chains has been difficult.

That said, I started all over today. The start I had made was so narrow as to be impractical. I decided if it was worth doing, it was worth doing well. I think I restarted three times, but it appears to be correct now. And it's much better. I probably won't finish it this year. Oh well.

Hallie said...

You won't finish with that attitude! But, if it does take longer, that's just means celebrating longer.

Kathy said...

Well . . . it's three weeks until Halloween, and I can't sit and crochet all day, and I've set myself back. But it doesn't matter. And you make a good point -- it is a way of celebrating.