Sunday, October 2, 2016


Here we are again at “the dear old place.” It’s just an overnight stay. We debated about not coming since the time would be so short, but we looked at our respective calendars, full of meetings, appointments, hunts, and other scheduled activities and decided we’d best come, check on things, and perform some pre-winterization.

Elderberries look good
Mike thought he might mow. No need. He closed the vents under the house, the window in the attic, and lit the pilot in the wall furnace because – strange as it seems right now – we assume we’ll have some cold weather, perhaps sooner than we think. Meanwhile, I picked three pints of cherry tomatoes. That vine was about our only producer. I decided to leave the regular raised bed for now, but Mike helped me take out the tomato plants in the tire. And I carried water to everything that was still alive because it’s hot and dry for this time of year. 

This afternoon Mike invited me to accompany him on a hunt/hike out to the canyon rim. It was tough going in the clods, but interesting nevertheless. Here Mike pauses to offer water to Nellie.

You can barely see Bess on point. She's on the left side of the photo. She was actually pointing two deer. I didn't see the buck, but Mike said he was spectacular.

Here are Bess and Mike hunting through the rape. The crop, planted about the first of August, is rather patchy. We still see a lot of bare ground. KW


Hallie said...

The rape looks challenging to traverse.

Kathy said...

The crop isn't too difficult because it's rather sparse. It can be circumvented. But there are lots of dirt clods making it difficult walk the fields.

What a difference a week makes. It raining and chilly now.